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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is KYOSIL for?
    Main focus of KYOSIL is to learn and grow together with your peers and your mentor. By taking time with your work but also enjoying your learning experience will help you to rediscover your voice and passion in your work. KYOSIL is intended for aspiring animators who already have experience as students having done various exercises/shots for their reel. Mentors in KYOSIL will NOT focus on going over basics of using the software. Their main purpose here is to help facilitate growth within mentees while mentoring each individual to become better at their craft.
  • How long is each term? How often do you meet?
    Each term can last either 9 weeks or 12 weeks depending on which option you enroll for. Once your term duration ends, you will lose access to your class, recordings and rigs. You meet twice a week with the class and the mentor over Zoom. Each meeting can last between an hour to two hours (please note: there is no specific time limit given, it all depends on the mentor's schedule).
  • How much is the mentorship?
    The mentorship program is currently offered at $1100 for 9 weeks and $1300 for 12 weeks (+8% to cover Paypal/Stripe fees) US dollars. Here's a breakdown of what goes into this cost. 1) Access to feature-quality rig 2) Mentors staying up to date with students even outside of scheduled meetings 3) General upkeep and improvement of KYOSIL 4) To set no time limit on feedback to make sure every mentee gets the appropriate amount of help and notes of polish
  • How do I enroll?
    1) Please send in your application form to be qualified to register. If you click 'Apply,' you will be sent to the page with a questionnaire that includes the section to provide your reel. 2) If you are qualified, you will be sent an email with a password to access the registration page once enrollment opens. *You only need to apply once and you will automatically be sent an email with the password to access the enrollment page for every term.
  • What is your return policy?
    There is a non-refundable fee of $300 dollars when you register. This was set so that it gives a fair chance to all students who want to sign up for the class. It's unfortunate if a student drops out and other potential students from before realize too late. Once you are registered, you have until 3 weeks before class starts to ask for a refund except the non-refundable fee. Please keep in mind that the refund will exclude the non-refundable fee and the Stripe/Paypal fee.
  • How is KYOSIL different from online schools?
    KYOSIL is founded on the idea of embracing growth. Rather than focusing on the result, we try to find joy within the challenge that comes from the process of making our work. This is why the mentorship program is not centered around a set syllabus/schedule so that we don't rush the process. With that in mind, mentees can choose how they want to spend the term. There are no grading systems or assignments in KYOSIL. Only expectation for those wanting to enroll in KYOSIL's mentorship program is to come hungry and to love the process more than the result. KYOSIL is a mentorship/tutoring service, not a school*
  • Is Autodesk Maya license provided?
    No (as of now). Autodesk/SheerID has gotten more strict when it comes to what institutions qualify for their educational licenses. We are unfortunately unable to provide any educational Autodesk Maya licenses.
  • What's included with my enrollment?
    KYOSIL RIG All meeting recordings to access on the website Animbot*
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